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Numerous Benefits to Land Mulching

There are numerous instant benefits to land mulching. For example, it’s environmentally desirable because it leaves top soil intact and doesn’t damage feeder roots to cherished, keeper trees. Secondly, it eliminates erosion and run off problems associated with other conventional land clearing methods. Land mulching is also a safer alternative to burning and eliminates the costly expense of hauling and disposal of debris.

Property sellers improve curb appeal and increase the value of the land with minimal investment. Developers and home builders recognize the immediate return on investment as it shapes the environment for their design and eventual construction.
After a lot has been mulched, potential buyers can see the true lay of the land. The actual grade and slope of the land is instantly revealed after land mulching! Whether the land is flat or hilly, or if it has creeks or ditches,  buyers can know exactly what is there and what to expect.